Kilka Card Gods Trophy List

Golden Monument Golden Monument
Win 3 medals on each round
Golden Tumi Golden Tumi
Win back the first relic
Bronze Glove Bronze Glove
Win all the medals and challenges in 3 of the Wonders
Silver Badge Silver Badge
Win 3 medals on 15 rounds
Card Master Card Master
Complete 5 challenges
Fortuna Statue Fortuna Statue
Complete 15 challenges
Terracota Warrior Terracota Warrior
Complete the game
Golden Card Golden Card
Complete all the challenges
Marble Statue Marble Statue
Win 3 medals in all the battles with the card gods
Great Pyramid Great Pyramid
Beat the final boss
Lord of the cards Lord of the cards
Place same-suit cards one after other
Card Chamberlain Card Chamberlain
Place same-value cards one after other
Card Seer Card Seer
Fill in the golden column in a single sequence of moves
Prophet of Kilka Prophet of Kilka
Fill in the golden row in a single sequence of moves