Jurassic World Evolution Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies
Achieve a 5-Star Island Rating on every island in Las Cinco Muertes
Unlock all InGen Database entries in the game
Take a Photograph worth more than $100000
Unlock Isla Nublar
House at least 50 live dinosaurs on a single island
Release at least one of every dinosaur genus in the game
Complete All Missions: Science
Complete All Missions: Security
Complete All Missions: Entertainment
Tranquillize a dinosaur from a distance of at least 125m
Unlock Isla Sorna
Unlock Isla Muerta
Reach maximum Science Reputation on an island
Reach maximum Security Reputation on an island
Reach maximum Entertainment Reputation on an island
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter
Manually medicate a diseased dinosaur with the Ranger Team
Add a task for an ACU or Ranger Team
Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team
Research an item
Complete a genome to 100%
Add an upgrade to a building
Manually perform a headshot with the ACU helicopter
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is fighting another dinosaur
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is running
Manually drive a total distance of 25km in the Ranger Team's vehicle
Drive the Ranger Team's vehicle at top speed for 5 consecutive seconds
Power slide with the Ranger Team's vehicle for 3 seconds (within a 5-second window)
Get 5 seconds of air time with the Ranger Team's vehicle (within a 20-second window)
Release a dinosaur
Release a genetically modified dinosaur
Release a modified dinosaur that has over 150 Attack
Release a T-Rex
Release a Velociraptor
Release a Triceratops
Release a Dilophosaurus
Release a Spinosaurus
Release a Stegosaurus
Release a Gallimimus
Release a Brachiosaurus
Release an Indominus rex
Photograph a Spinosaurus fighting a T-Rex
Photograph an Indominus Rex fighting a T-Rex
Take a Photograph worth more than $30000
Photograph a T-Rex hunting a Gallimimus
Photograph two Velociraptors socializing
Photograph a carnivore attacking a visitor
Photograph a herbivore attacking visitors
Photograph a T-Rex eating 'live bait'

Challenge Mode DLC

Reach 5 stars on Jurassic difficulty challenge mode
Reach 5 stars in challenge mode (any difficulty)
Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 3 hours (medium difficulty or above)

Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC

Complete all of Dr. Wu's missions
Subdue Dr. Wu's rampaging Spinoraptor
Using Comfort Genes, create a dinosaur that is impossible to keep calm
Release an Indominus Rex with the Adaptive Camouflage Gene
Photograph a Troodon as it poisons its victim

Cretaceous Challenges DLC

Complete challenge mode on Pena by only releasing carnivores (medium difficulty or above)
Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 4 hours (hard difficulty or above)
Get a dinosaur to reach 5000 or more rating