Jazzpunk Trophy List

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Now go outside
Discovered all of the artifacts buried in sand
Smuggle a carrier pigeon into the next level
Assist a saliva deficient individual by fulfilling their stationary needs
Spray 3 people with pheromones
Talk to 3 inanimate cardboard boxes
Degauss 4 undercover agents in the park
Explore the rotary phone menu options
Dial various four letter words into the Nippon Telnet phone terminal
Defeat a microscopic squadron of bacteriophage
Shatter all vases in the shop
Consume one brain steeped sandwich
Collect all 8 spiders in the restaurant
Visit all travel destinations in the world
Rescue the drowning man in the swimming pool
Apply lipstick VERY generously to your face
Explore other guest rooms at the resort
Kiss 3 people while wearing lipstick
Win a round of pillow fight
Serve a bloody mary
Consume vast quantities of jelly to fulfill ethical responsibilities
Find and utilize a bidet
Land awkwardly while diving at the pool
Get kissed by an unhygienic individual on two separate occasions
Scratch two compact disc records