Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies
Complete The Temple Approach
Complete The Great Falls
Complete Flight to the Floating Islands
Complete The Ancient Repository
Defeat the Big Bot
Complete Flight to the Swamp
Complete The Refinery
Complete Coral Caverns
Complete Dragon Escape
Complete The Steel Heart of Darkness
Defeat Max Black
Obtain Ocelotl's form
Obtain Minotaur's form
Obtain Tigershark's form
Obtain Xiong Mao's form
Obtain Shizoku's form
Obtain Chupacabra's form
Obtain Zaphyra's form
Obtain Neko Suke's form
Obtain Icelion's form
Obtain Uberjackal's form
Obtain Ha Ha Yena's form
Obtain Metalmutt's form
Obtain Shapeshifter's form
Obtain Kraken's form
Obtain Yeti's form
Obtain Toxitoad's form
Destroy 500 enemy robots
Defeat every type of X-Tractor
Fully upgrade your first Invizimal
Purchase all upgrades
Collect 100 Sparks
Collect 1000 Sparks
Collect all 2000 Sparks
Collect 100 Z-sparks
Collect 6,500 Z-sparks
Collect all 13,000 Z-sparks
Collect all Pup Idols
Collect all Dark Seeds
Unlock All Vault Doors
Complete an Invizimal Challenge without making a mistake
Climb 600m distance
Swim 10km
Complete a set of chain pads without making a mistake
Revisit a Chapter
Take flight aboard a dragon