Insane Robots Trophy List

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Take part in online multiplayer
Complete the tutorial
First successful attack
Win your first battle
Play 10 multiplayer battles
Reached rank 10
Reached rank 30
Reached rank 50
Completed tournament 1
Completed tournament 5
Completed tournament 8
Gained 5 stars
Gained 10 stars
Gained 24 stars
Picked up 100 treasure
Purchased 25 augments
Won 100 battles
Gained 30000 cash
Win tournament with 1 life left
Refilled health from 1 to max in shop
Left acid cloud with 1 life
Unlock all robots (excluding DLC)
Attack with Harmony
Use a camouflage augment to hide
Use a strength increase augment in a tournament
Use a gas mask
Use a lightning conductor
Kill an enemy with a Deflector boost
Kill an enemy with a Booby Trap boost
Use a Diversion boost
Kill an enemy with a Rewire boost
Attack with 10 attack and 5 boost
Kill an enemy with a Damage token
Earn 1000 cash with a single cash token
Collect a treasure in the ring of death
Complete an arena without killing any robot
Kill two robots with one whirlwind
Elude a guard by using cloaking
Buy all augments from one shop
Win a battle in three turns
Perform an attack of value 25
Use balloon augment and land on a treasure
Finish a battle only using upgrade tokens with five fuel
Kill your arch-enemy twice in same tournament
Perform an attack in harmony after using a Rewire boost
Completed all nine quick battles