Infinite Adventures Trophy List

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Earn all other Trophies
Defeat the Ancient of Chaos
Defeat Vith Uriel
Defeat Yndra
Defeat The Prophet
Defeat Xianglu
Defeat Vith Zoral
Defeat Lex Zero
Defeat Shi-Lorath
Defeat Sorcerer Modari
Defeat Jacinda Brightflame
Defeat Jormandr
Defeat Butterbean
Complete Prologue
Complete Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 2
Complete Chapter 3
Complete Chapter 4
Complete Chapter 5
Finish Game : Good Ending
Finish Game : Evil Ending
Rescue Victoria
Rescue Royce
Let Love Interest go
Follow Love Interest into portal
Rescue Main Character
Zander and Tonya Join
Regulus and Ejlora join
Jacinda Joins
Victoria Joins
Royce Joins
Complete All Quests and talk to Foster
Complete All Quests
Bestiary 100%
Enchantments Known 100%
Item Recipes Learned 100%
Wild Portals Unlocked 100%
Puzzle Rooms Completed 100%
Summons Acquired 100%
Search Rank S
Decipher Rank S
Unlock Rank S
Gather Rank S
Mine Rank S
Hunt Rank S
Enemies Defeated 1000
Dinari Earned 1,000,000
Steps Taken 10,000
Team Kessens Used 50
Summons Used 50
Yokai Killed 50
Defeat The Ancient of Chaos Gaiden
Defeat Zander Gaiden
Defeat Balthazzar Gaiden
Defeat Lilith Gaiden
Defeat Agamon Gaiden
Defeat Svolkoroth Gaiden
Defeat Tiberius Gaiden
Defeat Lyra Gaiden
Defeat Mordekai Gaiden
Defeat Justicar Gaiden
Defeat Kentu Asura