Immortal: Unchained Trophy List

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Get all Trophies
After connecting the first nexus point
After connecting the second nexus point
After connecting the third nexus point
Survived the attack on the Great Hall
Kill Malog. The raging storm
Kill Arlen. The corruptor
Kill Iska. Queen of the Abyss
Enter Naylon World
Complete the Game
Upgrade one of your weapons
Upgrade a weapon to the highest level!
Decypher an item
Find an armour shrine
Find all armour shrines
Equip a fully upgraded weapon in each weapon slot
Find all Lore Items
Kill 100 enemies with a Shotgun
Kill 100 enemies with an Assault Rifle
Kill 100 enemies with a SMG
Kill 100 enemies with a Sniper Rifle
Kill 100 enemies with a Launcher
Kill 100 enemies with a Pistol
Kill 100 enemies while attacking them in the back
Kill 100 enemies with the quick melee
Finish The Pilgrim's Pilgrimage questline
Finish The Lost Hunter Found questline
Finish the Lost Memories questline
Die from one of your own attacks
Recover 10000 or more bits from one death
Connect with the Monolith

Immortal: Unchained New Game+ DLC

Complete New Game+
Complete New Game++
Complete New Game+++
Complete New Game++++