Illusion: A Tale of the Mind Trophy List

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Go through the Eye.
Succeed to flee from the dark things.
The rising sun will eventually set. A newborn's life will fade.
From sun to moon, moon to sun... Give peaceful rest to the living dead.
Defeat the bad guy.
Trigger your first Gramophone.
Collect your first Memory page.
Discover who you really are.
Find the truth about her.
Find the truth about him.
Complete Chapter 3 faster than our fastest.
No need of your Rabbit's Foot Topsy.
Show to Topsy who is the real master.
Any clue?
Show him the path of light.
Who needs a map?
The bad man is really really bad.
Emma and Topsy, best friends for life.
Don't try to make Topsy vomits... That's gross.