Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Trophy List

How To Use
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Unlock all trophies.
Hatch a chicken from an egg.
Complete the Time Attack horse race in under 55 seconds.
Produce Gold Milk from a cow.
Reach a 5-heart friendship with your dog.
Reach a 5-heart friendship with your horse.
Use the Flute to command your dog.
Ride a horse for the first time.
Build a Kitchen and Dog House.
Collect 5 Power Berries.
Raise 5 cows on your farm.
Raise 6 chickens on your farm.
Find Bob's old junk.
Grow a Golden Potato and save the village.
Save the village after attracting a rare Bluebird.
Help complete the Goddess Dress and save the village.
Have your horse win the race and save the village.
Catch a Silver Fish and save the village.
Attract an Azure Swallowtail and save the village.
Help Katie win the cake contest and save the village.
Protect Snowball and save the village.