Happy Feet Two Trophy List

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Every trophy has been collected
Complete a level
Collect 100 Black Music Notes
Assemble a group of three penguins
Stay on the beat for 20 beats
Collect the most notes in a Bonus Level in co-op
Switch control between characters
Fill the boost bar in a Race
Complete three stunt hoops in a single Race
Revisit a previously played level
Jump off three stunt ramps in a Race
Perfectly perform a Dance Combo and a Stomp Combo in quick succession
Smash five Stone Columns
Smash three Ice Boulders at the same time
Convert three Penguins at the same time
Beat a Boss without making a mistake in co-op
Collect a Disco Fish
Destroy 10 objects during Disco Fish mode
Move five Ice Slide Blocks
Wake up five Sleepy Penguins
Complete Level 28 without getting hurt
Complete a Race without hitting anything
Win every Race
Activate 20 moving platforms
Complete Emperor Land
Complete Adelie Land
Complete Elephant Seal Land
Complete a level with full health
Assemble a group of five penguins
Scare 20 Skua Birds
Collect 200 Black Music Notes in one level
Activate all the Vibes in one Level
Clap 108 times
Complete five levels with every penguin in the room
Cross 50 Ice Rails
Complete the game
Complete an entire game in Co-Op
Complete the last level of a Land with full health
Bring 200 friends to the Doomberg
Beat a Boss without making a mistake
Unlock all songs
Level up all songs
Collect 2000 Black Music Notes
Defeat every Boss without making a mistake
Hit every Stunt Hoop in a Race