Guns, Gore & Cannoli Trophy List

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Kill 400 enemies
Kill 1000 enemies
Kill 2000 enemies
50 headshots
5 multi-enemy grenade kills
10 multi-enemy grenade kills
Eat 10 Cannoli
Complete 'Bonnino's Stripclub' without dying once on Normal Mode
Defeat Sonny
Defeat Mickey
Complete the game on easy mode
Complete the game on normal mode
Complete the game on hard mode
Complete the game on impossible mode
Destroy 10 cars
Kill 20 enemies in the alleystreets, during one run, by kicking them into fire.
Consecutively kill 25 enemies with a headshot
Survive the army stronghold without killing any enemies.
Survive The construction site without killing any enemies with weapons.
Survive the sewer using only your Lupara
Survive the river level using only your magnum