Gun Club VR Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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Unlock all Trophies
Shoot off the leg of a zombie.
Shoot a fire alarm to set it off.
Let every target fall over from time-out.
Get a headshot on every target in a range.
Spend only one bullet per target in a range.
Equip incendiary rounds.
Equip Explosive rounds.
Equip armor piercing explosive rounds.
Destroy 50 food items.
Complete a sideshow range in under 25 seconds.
Destroy the last target of the range with the last bullet in your clip.
Attain at least bronze on every Warehouse range.
Attain at least silver on every Warehouse range.
Equip armor piercing rounds.
Equip overpressure rounds.
Get a perfect reload.
Equip hollow point rounds.
Blow up more than one target at once using an explosive.
Use a grenade on the final target in a simple range.
Complete 50 ranges.
Attain at least bronze on every Allied range.
Attain at least silver on every Allied range.
Equip zombie rounds.
Destroy 2 targets with one round
Fire 10,000 rounds.
Attain at least gold on every Warehouse range.
Purchase a skinned version of a gun.
Equip as many attachments as poossible to an owned gun.
Equip the largest magazine available to an owned gun.
Own half of the available weapons.
Get 10 headshots in a row.
Attain at least gold on every Allied range.
Destroy 500 food items in the Sandbox.
Attain platinum on every Warehouse range.
Attain platinum on every Allied range.
Own all of the available weapons.
Have 1,000,000 cash.