Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Trophy List

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Unlock every Trophy.
Finish any Mini-Game in less than 1 minute.
Finish 4 Mini-Games in a row without skipping.
Finish all Mini-Games without skipping.
Find 3 hidden-objects within 3 seconds.
Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints.
Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.
Finish Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 30 seconds.
Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle with less than 4 mistakes.
Find a Healer's Sigil.
Find half of all Healer's Sigils.
Find all Healer's Sigils.
Prepare the Calming Brew.
Get help from a Swallow.
Enter the Garden.
Prepare the swan boat for the journey.
Get help from an Otter.
Open the Passage to the Forest Cavern.
Find the kidnapped prince.
Get help from the Forest Spirit.
Enter Dark Castle Dungeon.
Witness the stories through the golden feathers.
Complete the game.
Complete the game on expert difficulty
Protect the spirits.
Deal with a dragon once and for all.
Scare 6 butterflies.