Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Clear Mission 1.
Clear Mission 2.
Clear Mission 3.
Clear Mission 4.
Clear Mission 5.
Clear Mission 6.
Clear Mission 7.
Clear Mission 8.
Clear Mission 9.
Clear Mission 10.
Clear a mission in Co-op.
Complete the game on Poozer or Enforcer difficulty.
Clear all missions on Emerald Knight difficulty.
Perform a 20 hit combo.
Perform a 50 hit combo.
Perform a 99 hit combo.
Defeat 10 enemies with Ring Blaster.
Defeat 10 enemies with War Hammer.
Defeat 10 enemies with Hover Mines.
Defeat 10 enemies with Baseball Bat.
Defeat 10 enemies with Blade Whip.
Defeat 10 enemies with Gatling Gun.
Defeat 10 enemies with Piston Blitz.
Defeat 10 enemies with Rocket Punch.
Defeat 20 enemies with Missile Pack.
Defeat 20 enemies with Mech Suit.
Defeat 20 enemies with Mace Storm.
Defeat 20 enemies with Jet Fighter.
Use Ring Surge 10 times.
Launch 20 enemies.
Make Green Lantern dizzy 10 times.
Gain experience level 5.
Gain experience level 10.
Collect all 5 Blue Meteorites.
Collect all 9 Green Meteorites.
Purchase all Attack upgrades.
Purchase all Ring Surge upgrades.
Purchase all Ring Power upgrades.
Purchase all Construct upgrades.
Purchase all upgrades.