Ghost Blade HD Trophy List

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Conquered all trophies.
Play the game for the first time.
Play with Milan ship.
Play with Rekka ship.
Play with Ghost ship.
Play Hard Mode for the first time.
Complete a Score Attack Run
Use 2 Player Mode.
Play Training Mode.
Played over 2 hours.
Reach full power level trough Power Ups.
Drop 290 bombs.
Collect an Extra life.
Defeat Stage 1 Boss.
Defeat Stage 2 Boss.
Defeat Stage 3 Boss.
Defeat Stage 4 Boss.
Defeat Stage 5 Boss.
Destroy Boss 1 Sidepods First.
Destroy all cannons of stage 5 Boss.
Clear the game in NOVICE difficulty.
Clear the NORMAL mode difficulty.
Clear the HARD mode difficulty.
Collect 2.000 Stage Stars.
Collect 15 Ground medals.
Upload a score to the global leaderboard.
Unlock the 9th Continue.
Shoot 100 popcorn enemies until Stage 4.
Destroy all Tanks in Stage 2.
Destroy over 9 big sized ships during stage 3.
Destroy all Turrets in Stage 3.
Destroy 50 crates in Stage 1.
Complete game with 2 players.
Complete a stage without missing a ship.
Survive 9 minutes with a no miss.
Complete the game with 1 credit.
Reach a x599 combo in HARD mode.
Got over 1,000,000,000 points in Score Attack.