Gem Smashers Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies!
Complete the single player story mode and save the world.
Clear a level in 20 seconds or less.
Defeat a boss without losing a single life!
Find the crown bonus in the treasure chest.
Clear the respective starting zone using each character.
Pickup 25 carrots found underneath breakable blocks.
Smash 5 gems in a row.
Smash 10 or more gems in a row.
Collect 10 or more bonuses in a single level.
Try not to collect bonuses in a level.
Don't lose any life for 3 levels.
Don't use the speed up against a boss.
Destroy 100 rocks.
Smash the first gem.
Smash 200 gems.
Destroy 5 gems with inverted controls.
Change color 200 times.