Far Cry 4 Trophy List

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Obtain all the Trophies.
Join the Golden Path (Campaign only).
Decide De Pleur's fate (Campaign only).
Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only).
Decide Noore's fate (Campaign only).
Decide Yuma's fate (Campaign only).
Decide Pagan Min's fate (Campaign only).
Liberate 12 Outposts (Campaign only).
Liberate all Outposts (Campaign only).
Liberate any Outpost without triggering an alarm in any mode (Campaign only).
Liberate 8 Bell Towers (Campaign only).
Conquer 2 Fortresses (Campaign only).
Complete any 6 Hunting quests (Supplies, Control, Survival) (Campaign only).
Complete 3 Assassination or Eye for an Eye quests (Campaign only).
Rescue 15 hostages in Hostage Rescue quests (Campaign only).
Complete 3 Kyrati Films: Racing or Kyrati Films: Survival activities (Campaign only).
Repel 3 Outpost Retaliation Parties (Campaign only).
Hijack 3 Royal Cargo Trucks and return them to a liberated Outpost (Campaign only).
Eliminate 3 Pagan's Wrath convoys (Campaign only).
Liberate 1 Outpost playing as Hurk (Campaign Co-op only).
Complete 3 Bomb Defusal quests (Campaign only).
Perform a Vehicle Takedown from the passenger seat of a vehicle (Campaign Co-op only).
Purchase 3 items for the Ghale Homestead (Campaign only).
Remove or destroy 15 Masks of Yalung (Campaign only).
Remove 30 Propaganda Posters (Campaign only).
Find 10 Lost Letters (Campaign only).
Spin 10 Mani Wheels (Campaign only).
Complete 3 Kyrat Fashion Week quests (Campaign only).
Read 10 notes (Campaign only).
Learn 10 skills (Campaign only).
Learn all skills (Campaign only).
Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment (Campaign only).
Craft 15 syringes (Campaign only).
Spend 500,000 rupees total at Trading Posts (Campaign only).
Buy all attachments and paint schemes for a single weapon (Campaign only).
Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only).
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with a single explosion (Campaign only).
Distract 15 enemies with rocks (Campaign only).
Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Campaign only).
Kill 30 enemies with Mortar rounds (Campaign only).
Kill a target from 60m or more with an arrow or bolt (Campaign only).
Using a sniper rifle, kill 2 targets with a single shot (Campaign only).
Perform a takedown from a Buzzer (Campaign only).
Kill 50 enemies with fire (Campaign only).
Kill 25 enemies while shooting and driving (Campaign only).
Reach Karma Level 2, and purchase any Guns For Hire upgrade (Campaign only).
Fly 5000m total in the Wingsuit (Campaign only).
Run over 25 people (Campaign only).
Reach Arena Rank 5 (Campaign Arena only).
Finish a public match of each game type in the Battles of Kyrat game mode (Battles of Kyrat only).
Play a Top Rated map in the Map Browser (Map Browser only).
Occupy The Relay Station (Valley Of The Yetis).
Defend The Relay Station And Survive The First Night (Valley Of The Yetis).
Complete One Relay Station Upgrade Quest (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).
Complete All Relay Station Upgrade Quests (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).
Complete The Valley Of The Yetis Campaign (Valley Of The Yetis).
Kill A Yeti (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).
Kill 5 Yetis (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).