Eye Pet and Friends Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies in the game
Completed the Hatching process for the first time
Hatched two EyePets at the same time
Styled your EyePet for the first time
Taught your EyePet a Trick
Created a customised Digger
Created a customised UFO
Created a customised Boat
Created a customised Submarine
Created a customised Rocket
Created a customised Helicopter
Created a card in Paper Craft
Created a sticker in Paper Craft and used it in the Creativity Centre
Customised an object in Soft Play Creation
Washed your EyePet for the first time
Fed your EyePet for the first time
Performed a Health Check on your EyePet for the first time
Completed Frog Bop and bopped each frog type at least once
Completed Musicopters without getting a sequence wrong
Completed Space Race without a hitting an asteroid
Completed Star Tracer and achieved at least a 1000 points.
Completed Coin Collector without being stunned by the Eel
Completed Sub Run without missing a bubble ring
Completed Rescue and saved at least five of each type of alien
Completed Rocket Refuel filling up at least three different fuel slots
Completed Hook a Duck and hooked at least three of each type of rubber duck
Completed Lily Blossom and opened at least three of each type of lily
Completed Digger Hoops and scored at least three baskets of each colour
Completed Ricochet Range with at least 500 points
Customised one of each type of clothing and then dressed your EyePet in them
Taught the EyePet every trick in training
Bought all the Sticker and Stencil packs
Used every Soft Play shape in a single scene
Bought every item in the game
Beat a friend in every challenge
Had your EyePet wear every item of clothing in the game at least once