Escape Dead Island Trophy List

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Acquire all other trophies.
Complete the game.
Complete new game+.
Complete the prologue.
Complete Mission 1 - Smooth Sailing.
Complete Mission 2 - One Less Boat.
Complete Mission 3 - Echoes.
Complete Mission 4 - Marathon.
Complete Mission 5 - A Fighting Chance.
Complete Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead.
Complete Mission 7 - Beauty And The Beast.
Complete Mission 8 - Devan.
Complete Mission 9 - Father's Day.
Complete Mission 10 - Faith.
Complete Mission 11 - Deliverance.
Kill 100 zombies in total.
Kill 50 zombies using a melee weapon.
Execute 25 downed zombies.
Stealth kill 25 zombies.
Kill 25 zombies with pistol headshots.
Kill 10 zombies with close range shotgun blasts.
Acquire your first melee weapon.
Upgrade your melee weapon.
Upgrade your melee weapon again!
Upgrade your melee weapon for the third time. Yeah!
Acquire your first stealth kill weapon.
Upgrade your stealth kill weapon.
Acquire the pistol.
Upgrade the pistol.
Acquire the shotgun.
Upgrade the shotgun.
Kill an airborne Bouncer.
Kill 10 Spitters with a ranged weapon.
Kill 5 Sirens while they are screaming.
Acquire the rope.
Acquire the grappling hook.
Acquire the gas mask.
Acquire the combat flashlight.
Acquire the camera.
Kill 10 Butchers.
Acquire the two-way radio.
Collect all lost stories.
Collect all research logs.
Collect all Charon's logs.
Collect all postcards.
Collect all snapshots.
Collect 25 ammo packs.
Kill 5 enemies in 2 seconds.
Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.
Recover to max health from minimum health.
Injure a single zombie with your melee weapon, the pistol and the shotgun, then stealth kill it.
Find all the underground secondary areas
Find The underground labs
Complete the underground labs
Acquire the walloper
Acquire the assault rifle
Kill 10 enemies at long range with the walloper
Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle
Collect all of Ronald's logs
Kill a Dweller using an environmental hazard
Stealth kill a Dweller