Energy Hook Trophy List

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Do it all
Get copper medals in everything
Get silver medals in everything
Get gold medals in everything
Get platinum medals in everything
Find 21 geocaches
Find all geocaches
Two hours of free play
Get 1000 meters above the ground
Do a flip
Do a loop-the-loop
Do a 1080
Do a wallrun
Do a 5 second wallrun
Do a 10 second wallrun
Do a 2000 point combo chain
Do a 4000 point combo chain
Do an 8000 point combo chain
Do a 16000 point combo chain
Bail 100 times
Get 51 cred points
100% cred
Visit Southstar Island
Visit Future Island
Visit Misty City
Visit New Atlantis
Visit Sky Gardens
Smash through a window
Visit all challenge levels