Duck Dynasty Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Unlock all trophies
Unlock all power-ups in the Galleries mode
Win a race without bumping into another opponent
Unlock all rewards in the Story Mode
Win every race in the Tournament
Shoot each duck species
Win a race while crossing the finish line driving backwards
Catch a fish over 8 lbs. without reeling out
Catch 4 fish over 9 lbs.
Complete all blinds in the Galleries at least once without using any power-up
Shoot all targets in the Galleries levels
Win the Tournament
Take down 3 ducks with a single shot in the Story Mode
Complete one duck hunt without missing any shots
Overpass an opponent during a jump with the air boat
Improve your high score in one blind in Galleries
Don't miss the hooking on 3 consecutive fish in the same hotspot
Perform 5 casts in a row without missing
Fish all the species of fish
Shoot 5 ducks without calling them
Unlock the first power-up in the Galleries
Shoot a Surprise duck in the Galleries
Successfully call each duck species
Shoot down all the ducks from a flock
Finish a race without ever falling into last place
Shoot 6 consecutive bottles without missing
Earn three stars in a Galleries blind
Hunt ducks, fish, hunt varmints, catch frogs
Win a race in Tournament mode
Find one of Si's treasures in less than 15 seconds
Get from the last to the first position during a race
Complete a fishing quest without breaking the line
Call 30 ducks to blinds
Don't miss any note of a Hail call