Don Bradman Cricket 17 Trophy List

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Complete all Trophies.
Bowl a batsman out for a duck.
Play 25 defensive shots in an innings.
Win a match with a co-op partner.
Win a test match by an innings after enforcing the follow on.
Successfully complete every tutorial.
Hit a six that travels over 100 metres.
Hit the centre of the bowling target 10 times in training.
Complete a series in tour mode.
Successfully overturn an umpire's decision.
Complete 5 quick matches online.
Win a match in career mode.
Get selected by a domestic team in rookie career mode.
Have the highest overall rating on your club team in rookie career mode.
Earn 50,000 SP in a single career.
Create a player in the Cricket Academy.
Hit 6 sixes in an over.
Take a wicket with the first ball of an innings.
Create a stadium and win a match in it.
Create a team and use a custom logo as the team's logo.
Complete a match using a custom match type.
Win a T20 World Championship in Career Mode.
Score fifty runs with a single batsman in fewer than 25 balls.
Get 10 wickets in a match with a single bowler.
Score more than 334 runs in an innings with a single batsman.
Take 25 reflex catches.
Run out or stump an opposing team's batsman.
Reach the maximum skill level for one skill in rookie career mode.
Earn 250,000 SP in a single career.
Be awarded Player of the Match in career 10 times.
Get selected for your national side in rookie career mode.
Bowl 5,000 dot balls in any game mode.
Run 2,222 twos in any game mode.
Win every test match of a series in Career Mode.
Win the 50 Over World Championship as captain in rookie career mode.
Earn 1,000,000 SP in a single career.