Digimon World: Next Order Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies
Cleared Chapter One
Cleared Chapter Two
Cleared Chapter Three
Defeated Armageddemon
Prosperity at level 1
Prosperity at level 50
Prosperity at level 100
Acquired over 100,000 bits
Acquired over 1,000,000 bits
Finished a battle with no damage
Inflicted 1,000 damage in one attack
First king-sized foe defeated
First training mistake
First Colosseum victory
First Tamer level
First Partner Digimon reborn as DigiEgg
First camp
First training
First time fleeing from a fight
First fish caught
First materials acquired
First food ingredient item picked up
First Digivolution to Rookie
First Digivolution to Champion
First Digivolution to Ultimate
First Digivolution to Mega
Partner reached age 20
Maximum value for DigiFriend
Maximum value for Bond
Raised 50 types of Digimon
First DNA Digivolution
Maxed out grades on all facilities as builder
Won all Colosseum competitions
Won 300 battles
Raised 100 types of Digimon
All skills for Partner Digimon at 1,000
Inflicted 9,999 damage in one attack
Completed DigiCards
Partner reborn as DigiEgg 20 times
Cleared all extra dungeons
Cleared Chapter Four
Raised 200 types of Digimon
Maxed out Tamer level
Maxed out city's Prosperity