Detroit: Become Human Trophy List

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Collected all trophies!
Play the first chapter
Connor saved Emma
Kara discovered the content of Alice's box
Connor found the deviant in the attic
Kara and Alice escaped Todd's House
Markus pushed Leo
Markus let Leo win
Connor made the android confess
Kara and Alice slept in the motel or the squat
Connor found all the clues about Hank
Kara and Alice escaped the police
Connor caught up with Rupert
Connor saved Hank
Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko's house
The Tracis were killed
The Tracis escaped
Markus got enough parts
Hank killed Connor
Alice enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-round
Markus broadcasted his message without raising an alarm or having a team casualty
Connor connected to Simon
Markus conducted a pacifist riot
Markus conducted a violent riot
Kara succeeded to make the cop go away
Markus attacked the police
Markus stood his ground against the police
Connor killed the Chloe
Connor refused to kill the Chloe
Connor got the location of Jericho by himself
Bring the three characters to Crossroads
Markus or Connor detonated the freighter
Markus reached the camp and liberated the androids
Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back
Kara and Alice escaped the recycling center
Kara and Alice passed the border
Connor converted the androids
Connor killed the leader of the deviants
Connor resisted hacking attempt from CyberLife
Connor stayed a machine
Connor became deviant
Don't lose any fight before reaching the end
Find every single magazine in the game
Hank and Connor were friends until the end
Kara, Alice, Luther are together at the end
Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end
Finish the game once
Spend 20,000 bonus points
Everyone is alive at the end