Desert Child Trophy List

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Achieve max notoriety, the rank of Pablo Escobar.
Collect all secret tapes.
Eat all the bean types.
Attempt to race with over 75% damage and hunger
Fend off the police without being shot.
Have a bad trip. Race on 4 stacks of strange beans.
Buy every newspaper.
Survive a full month on Mars.
Beat the game.
Have over $9000.
Complete your record collection.
Buy fish from the fishermen.
Phone mom for a loan.
Start a new game plus.
Destroy two enemies at the same time.
Eat 5 bean types.
Have 69% hunger.
Successfully rob a bike on the street.
Never buy cigarettes.
Eat a snack pack without throwing up.
Chill for over an hour.
Equip more than 30 power cells to a bike.
Take a pizza delivery job.