Deformers Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Complete an online match
Complete a match online in Splitscreen
Level up!
Reach Level 20
Earn your first Prestige rank
Reach Silver ranking in Prestige
Reach Gold ranking in Prestige
Get 5 kills with a single Rampage
Get 50 Kills
Get 100 Kills
Get 250 Kills
Get 500 Kills
Score a goal in Form Ball
Get 10 Saves in Form Ball
Get 15 Assists in Form Ball
Score a Hat Trick in Form Ball
Score 25 goals in Form Ball
Score 50 goals in Form Ball
Break 100 stacks
Consume 5000 pieces of debris (including gibs)
Kill an enemy while you're cloaked
Kill an enemy using the pit in the center of Big Top