Defense Grid 2 Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies for Defense Grid 2.
Kill an alien boss creature. (Juggernaut, Rumbler, Turtle, or Crasher)
Earn a silver (or better) medal.
Use the Orbital Laser Special Weapon (General Cai).
Survive 100 waves on Grinder challenge mode on any mission.
Earn a Gold Medal.
Complete the single player campaign in Story Mode.
Earn a silver medal (or better) on all missions in the Story mode.
Earn 100 Gold Medals on any missions.
Kill 1000 aliens.
Build every tower and every upgrade for each tower.
Earn a gold medal on every mission in Story mode.
Earn a Bronze (or better) medal in a Single Player Mission.
Sell 10 towers or more in a single mission.
Beat a Chapter 4 mission or higher with zero cores captured.
Save a core that is less than 10 seconds away from the map's exit point.
Recover a loose core.
Earn a Gold medal in a Coordinated Defense Multiplayer Mission.
Build 100 Boost towers.
Win any mission without selling any towers.
Kill an alien carrying a power core.
Build 1 of each tower type in any single mission.
Build and fully upgrade each tower type in one mission.
Kill 1 alien.
Kill 100 aliens.
Kill 10,000 aliens.
Kill 50,000 aliens.
Win a mission with at least 1,000 resources remaining.
Win a mission with at least 5,000 resources remaining.
Win a mission with at least 10,000 resources remaining.
Sell 10 towers.
Build 100 Gun towers.
Build 100 Inferno towers.
Build 100 Laser towers.
Build 100 Temporal towers.
Build 100 Meteor towers.
Build 100 Tesla towers.
Build 100 Cannon towers.
Build 100 Missile towers.
Build 100 Concussion towers.
Using only Gun towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
Using only Inferno towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
Using only Cannon towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
Using only level 1 towers, Win any Chapter 4 (or later) mission.
Win a chapter 4 (or later) mission with level 3 towers only and no selling.
Upgrade a tower.
Inspect 10 aliens.
Use the speed up control for a total of 60 seconds in any mission.
Use the Reload Checkpoint option.
Finish all the missions in Chapter 1 in Story Mode.
Build 20 towers of any type in one mission.
Build 50 towers of any type in one mission.
Use the reload checkpoint option five times in a single mission.
Survive 100 waves on any Super Grinder challenge mode.
Use the command shuttle to move 6 map sections in Mission 6.
Win a Gold medal on mission 19 without using the Command Shuttle.
Enable a Tower Augmentation item on any tower.
Enable a Tower Augmentation Item on 10 Towers.
Use the Temporal Cannon Special Weapon (Colonel Rissler).
Use the Resource Reinforcement Special Weapon (Professor Briel).
Use the Tower Overcharge Special Weapon (Advisor Zacara).
Use the Core Teleport special weapon (Professor Taylor).
Use the Precision Targeting Special Weapon (Rear Admiral Phillips).