Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Trophy List

Capable Capable
Finish the Tutorial.
Greenhorn Greenhorn
Win the Capt. Greenhorn campaign.
Veteran Veteran
Win the Full Career campaign.
Underdog Underdog
Win the Underdog campaign.
Old Salt Old Salt
Win all the campaigns.
Congenial Captain Congenial Captain
Make friends with a captain.
Fearless Fearless
Pull up and sort crab in Hurricane weather.
Lifesaver Lifesaver
Rescue a deckhand outside of Practice mode.
Crab Tycoon Crab Tycoon
Earn one million dollars in a single season.
King Crab Jackpot King Crab Jackpot
Pull up a string with more than 80 King Crab per pot.
Soloist Soloist
Come out on top of a season while hiring only a single crewmember.
Master Engineer Master Engineer
Collect 8 bonuses during the Patch game outside of Practice mode.
Steady Hand Steady Hand
Offload at least 50 crab outside of Practice mode and get an ‘A’ without making an error.
Fast Hand Fast Hand
Get a streak of 16 in the Sorting game outside of Practice mode.
Captain Hook Captain Hook
Get a streak of 20 while Retrieving outside of Practice mode.
All Set All Set
Set 50 pots outside of Practice mode and get an ‘A’ without making an error.
Competitor Competitor
Complete a tournament game.