Dead Synchronicity Trophy List

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Tomorrow Comes Today
You know how it is: "Burn 'em to ashes, then burn the ashes."
Happy Birthday! You are 30 today.
If there's a hell in this world, it's down there.
Nails, nails, and more nails...
Welcome to the sparkling, wild West.
You should follow His signs, God is much smarter than you.
The pig is a dog for the rat.
Calm down, death is just a change of skin.
As devastated as the wreckage of your memory.
Say it loud: I'm ill and proud!
Enjoy our games, our lemonade and our awesome piñata.
Or "How to Win Making Only Three Holes."
A year, already? Time to hang the lights again!
A good model knows how to stand still until the sound of the flash.
Only red and yellow... everywhere you look.
Look at him sleeping. Isn't he cute?
A nice souvenir. I visited the New World and I brought you this.
Come in, no need to knock!
Where do good fish go when they die?
No doubt about it: you lost your mind. Take good note of it.
Let's try the Electric Kool-Aid Alien Blood Test!
Past, present and future. Shaken... and well stirred.
Because our lives are like a train heading nowhere...
100% organic and gluten-free. Ready to bake.