Darknet Trophy List

Script Kiddie Script Kiddie
Complete the Tutorial
Aimbot Skills Aimbot Skills
Successfully hack a node using the hexpad
Spyware Spyware
Capture 1000 Nodes
Root Kit Root Kit
Capture 50 Root Nodes
Logic Bomb Logic Bomb
Capture 100 Sentinal Nodes
A Hackers Dozen A Hackers Dozen
Purchase 12 Viruses
A Ghost Within A Shell A Ghost Within A Shell
Captured all nodes in a network before capturing the Root Node
Trojan Horse Trojan Horse
Use hydras 100 times
Hacktivist Hacktivist
Successfully complete the coding puzzle
Would You Like A Cookie? Would You Like A Cookie?
Use Exploits 100 times
I Know Kung Fu! I Know Kung Fu!
Reach a Skill Rating of 85%
Version 2.0 Version 2.0
Unlock all upgrades
Almost Broke The Internet Almost Broke The Internet
Earn $30,000,000