Dark Cloud Trophy List

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Collect all of the other trophies.
Successfully force open a treasure chest by guessing its trap.
Kill an enemy with a thrown item.
Use the Changing Potion to turn the stray cat into Xiao.
Check an item in at a Check-in Counter.
Use Stand-in Powder to change to an ally when current character is exhausted.
Arrange 10 trees in Norune Village.
Steal an enemy's item using a weapon equipped with the Steal ability.
Status Break a weapon to create a SynthSphere.
Acquire a Fishing Rod.
View a town’s Georama Analysis after completing one of its residents’ requests.
Completely assemble Renee & Toan's house.
Upgrade a weapon 10 times.
Build up a weapon into a new weapon.
Attach the Sun to a weapon.
Catch a Baron Garayan fish.
Max any attribute for a weapon without an attachment.
Defeat Dran.
Defeat Master Utan.
Defeat La Saia.
Defeat the King's Curse.
Defeat Minotaur Joe.
Catch a fish that's over 100 cm in length.
Learn Windmill Slash from Dran.
Boost a character's defense by eating their favorite food.
Accumulate 65,535G.
Defeat the Dark Genie.
Acquire all six allies.