Damnation Trophy List

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Unlock all Damnation™ Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy.
Complete Arrowtree on Casual.
Complete Boomtown on Casual.
Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual.
Complete Terra Verte on Casual.
Complete the Game on Casual.
Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore.
Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.
Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.
Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore.
Complete the Game on Hardcore.
Complete Arrowtree on Insane.
Complete Boomtown on Insane.
Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane.
Complete Terra Verte on Insane.
Complete the Game on Insane.
Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any difficulty.
Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty.
Get 20 Headshots.
Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.
Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.
Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.
Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.
Successfully wall-jump 100 times.
Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 seconds or less.
Collect 1 Emblem.
Collect 10 Emblems.
Collected 20 Emblems.
Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.