Cubixx HD Trophy List

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Complete your first level in Arcade mode.
Achieve a combo over 6.
Complete Co-Op Arcade mode.
Get every feat in a single level.
Score over 1,000,000 points from a single line.
Complete a level by cutting away 250 lines or more.
Kill 101 or more enemies in a single level.
Kill 2 or more friends in Co-Op.
Complete a level in less than 8.88 seconds.
Complete a 7-player Deathmatch game.
Beat level 36 in under 40 seconds. (Single player Arcade mode only.)
Complete all Challenge levels to at least Bronze standard.
Die 500 times trying the Challenges.
Pick up 500 negative (red) Powers.
Draw lines amounting to the distance from Earth to the Moon.
Complete all Challenge levels to Platinum standard.
Score 5,000,000 points or more on a single level.
Complete Arcade mode in a single run.
Complete Arcade Mode.