Crazy Machines Elements Trophy List

Apprentice Apprentice
Solve your first puzzle.
Puzzlemaniac Puzzlemaniac
Solve all puzzles.
Perfect Puzzler Perfect Puzzler
Solve all base puzzles as perfect.
Collector Collector
Unlock all parts.
Challenger Challenger
Solve all challenges.
Builder Builder
Build an own level.
Creator Creator
A little wind blew in the snowy night.
Pyrotechnican Pyrotechnican
Launch fireworks for 20 seconds!
Fastest Counter Fastest Counter
Count one counter chip to 200 within ten seconds.
Candlelight Candlelight
Light the level with candlelight for 30 seconds.
Twin Shot Twin Shot
Shoot two cannonballs with one cannon - at the same time!
Weatherman Weatherman
Create three different clouds within one simulation with one cloud machine.