Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies
Unlock first Lupin image
Unlock first Van Helsing image
Unlock first Victor image
Unlock first Impey image
Unlock first Saint-Germain image
Clear Lupin's White Rose route
Clear Van Helsing's White Rose route
Clear Victor's White Rose route
Clear Impey's White Rose route
Clear Saint-Germain's White Rose route
Unlock first Lupin's Gang! image
Clear Lupin's Gang! route
Accept Finis' invitation
Clear Finis' route
Reveal a terrible secret to Sholmès
Clear Sholmès' route
See Normal Ending for Finis or Sholmès's routes
Unlock all Lupin images
Unlock all Van Helsing images
Unlock all Victor images
Unlock all Impey images
Unlock all Saint-Germain images
Unlock all Lupin's Gang! images
Unlock all Finis images
Unlock all Sholmès images
See all episodes in Delly's Room
Fill the Glossary
Unlock all BGM
See all ending movies
See everyone's True Endings
Collect all images