ChromaGun Trophy List

The End The End
Yeah, that's it.
Not A Lie Not A Lie
Find the hidden cake we actually have, as opposed to that other game that doesn't have a cake.
Pre-Schooler Pre-Schooler
Mix a color. It's not that hard, really.
Right in the Head! Right in the Head!
Shoot a WorkerDroid.
Doing it Wrong Doing it Wrong
Try painting a grey WokerDroid and realize how pointless that was.
Open, Sesame! Open, Sesame!
Open a door by activating a trigger.
Sizzle, Sizzle Sizzle, Sizzle
Grill a WorkerDroid on a Deadly Electrified Maintenance Tile.
Welcome to ChromaTec Welcome to ChromaTec
Finish Chapter 1.
Color Equals Fun Color Equals Fun
Finish Chapter 2.
Vector Operations Vector Operations
Finish Chapter 3.
Desperate Times Desperate Times
Finish Chapter 4.
Desperate Measures Desperate Measures
Finish Chapter 5.
How Time Flies How Time Flies
Finish Chapter 6.
Demanded Attention Demanded Attention
Finish Chapter 7.
The Grand Finale The Grand Finale
Finish Chapter 8.
Wait, what? Wait, what?
Solve a chamber without firing a single shot.
Ineffective Ineffective
Try jumping... and fail.
Dangerously Ineffective Dangerously Ineffective
Try jumping over a Deadly Electrified Maintenance Tile... and fail horribly.
Making Darwin Proud Making Darwin Proud
Simply walk onto the Deadly Electrified Maintenance tile in Chamber 3-1.
No Hugging! No Hugging!
Get killed by a WorkerDroid.
Droid Love Droid Love
Rescue the WorkerDroid in Chamber 5-3.