ChromaGun Trophy List

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Yeah, that's it.
Find the hidden cake we actually have, as opposed to that other game that doesn't have a cake.
Mix a color. It's not that hard, really.
Shoot a WorkerDroid.
Try painting a grey WokerDroid and realize how pointless that was.
Open a door by activating a trigger.
Grill a WorkerDroid on a Deadly Electrified Maintenance Tile.
Finish Chapter 1.
Finish Chapter 2.
Finish Chapter 3.
Finish Chapter 4.
Finish Chapter 5.
Finish Chapter 6.
Finish Chapter 7.
Finish Chapter 8.
Solve a chamber without firing a single shot.
Try jumping... and fail.
Try jumping over a Deadly Electrified Maintenance Tile... and fail horribly.
Simply walk onto the Deadly Electrified Maintenance tile in Chamber 3-1.
Get killed by a WorkerDroid.
Rescue the WorkerDroid in Chamber 5-3.