Cavernous Wastes Trophy List

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Unlocked all other trophies
Escaped the caverns
Escaped the caverns 5 times
Escaped the caverns 10 times
Escaped without picking up any upgrades
Escaped while picking up every upgrade
Completed a level
Completed level 3 or later without hitting anything or getting hit
Completed level 3 or later without shooting or getting hit
Completed a level without using the spotlight
Completely explored a level
Completely explored all levels while escaping
Got a straight
Got a flush
Got a full house
Died 100 times
Destroyed 100 turrets
Destroyed 100 drones
Destroyed 100 crystals
Destroyed 50 enemies with the lance
Destroyed 50 enemies with missiles
Tried to destroy a transporter
Decrypted all log entries
Picked up an upgrade
Picked up a downgrade
Escaped with only upgrades (min 3 upgrades)
Escaped with only downgrades (min 3 downgrades)
Boosted through the top of a portal
Bounced off a wall 10000 times
Found each item in the game at least once
Try it again
Picked up a learned behavior