Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy List

Lifeguard Lifeguard
Bring a comrade back from the dead.
Slick Kick Slick Kick
Defeat a boss using sliding.
Bone Cold Justice Bone Cold Justice
Defeat an enemy by hitting back a Skeleton's bone.
Grim Synergy Grim Synergy
Defeat a boss using a Dual Crush.
Poetic Justice Poetic Justice
Defeat an ally who has been seduced by the enemy.
Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter
Destroy the lord of Castlevania.
Grasshopper Grasshopper
Jump kick 30 times in a row without touching the ground.
Boned Boned
Defeat a boss with 5 players in skeleton form.
Pack Rat Pack Rat
Collect a large number of items.
Wicked Deep Pockets Wicked Deep Pockets
Amass 1,000,000 gold.
Slaughtervania Slaughtervania
Rack up 10,000 enemy kills.
Hunter Legend Hunter Legend
Complete Hard Mode.