Castles Trophy List

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End the game
Make a 5 blocks combination
Achieve 100 repokers
Break 9 blocks with one dynamite
Hit your companion with the hammer 20 times
Blow your companion away with dynamite
Kill yourself with dynamite
End the game
Place 50 dynamites
Break 50 blocks with a hammer
Smash a block of each type with the hammer in one single session
Defeat the autogyro
Defeat the autogyro with a repoker
Defeat the spider
Defeat the mole man
Defeat the twins
Defeat the Titan
Last 2 minutes in Survival Mode
Last 5 minutes in Survival Mode
Last 7 minutes in Survival Mode
Finish a game in VS mode without completing any challenges
Play a game in VS Mode
Defeat 20 friends in VS Mode
Finish a game with one empty and one full speed bar
Send a repoker to your opponent in VS Mode