Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Trophy List

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Collect all Trophies.
Cleanly win 3 faceoffs in a match.
Prevent opposition from scoring in a match.
Score a goal from over 25 yards.
Reach a Final Series.
Create and share a Team in the Academy.
Win a game on All-American Difficulty.
Create a player in the academy.
Score three goals in a match with 1 player.
Score a goal after faking out the Goalie.
Win a Match at every Stadium.
Score 25 Diving Shots.
Complete 500 passes in any game mode.
Complete 5 online matches
Win back to back matches in career mode.
Win a match after being behind by 3 goals.
Complete all Objectives in a match.
Create a stadium using the stadium creator.
Be drafted for a Pro League Team.
Score a goal after linking 20 passes in attacking half.
Score to win a match in the final minute of game time.
Be drafted to play in an All Star game in Career Mode.
Be MVP of a match 5 times.
Complete a match without giving away a penalty.
Go through a season undefeated.
Win 5 Championships (College or Pro).
Have your character win Pro Champ as Player and Coach.