Calvino Noir Trophy List

A Long Night Ahead A Long Night Ahead
Complete chapter one
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Dishonest work For Dishonest Pay Dishonest work For Dishonest Pay
Retrieve the papers for Gorentz in chapter four
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Sabotage Sabotage
Destroy the machinery in chapter five
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Take A Bow Take A Bow
Solve the lift at the back of the opera house stage in chapter six
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Calvino Noir Calvino Noir
Complete chapter seven
Novice Collector Novice Collector
Discover your first coin
Master Collector Master Collector
Discover all coins
Like A True Professional Like A True Professional
Complete chapter one without being spotted
Not Today Not Today
Complete chapter two without dying
Ruthless Ruthless
Choke every guard in chapter three
Without A Trace Without A Trace
Complete chapter four without being spotted
Stealth Breakout Stealth Breakout
Complete chapter five without being spotted
Phantom Phantom
Complete chapter six without being spotted
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete chapter seven without choking any guards
Violence Enthusiast Violence Enthusiast
Choke ten guards
Voyeur Voyeur
Peek through ten doors
Access Granted Access Granted
Lockpick ten doors
Made You Look! Made You Look!
Alert a guard and then hide until they return to normal patrol
The Hunted Becomes The Hunter The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
Alert a guard and choke them while they search for you
Upgrade Upgrade
Apply your first character upgrade
Ultimate Team Ultimate Team
Fully upgrade all characters