Cabela's Hunting Expeditions Trophy List

Grand Master Hunter Grand Master Hunter
Unlock all Trophies in the game
First of Many First of Many
Hunt the First Trophy
First Five Flags First Five Flags
Collect the first 5 Flags from the vehicle hunts
25 Flags 25 Flags
Collect 25 Flags from the vehicle hunts
Far, Far Away... Far, Far Away...
Hunt 5 Trophies from at least 200 yards away
Steadiness Steadiness
Hunt 15 Trophies from a Shooting Rest
Optimal Shot Optimal Shot
Shoot a Trophy from optimal distance
Gold Rush Gold Rush
Obtain all the Gold medals
Know Your Target Know Your Target
Mark 20 big game animals
Fearless Hunter Fearless Hunter
Hunt 3 attacking animals in a single mission
Backbone Backbone
Hunt 8 attacking animals
Shiny New Firearm Shiny New Firearm
Unlock your first firearm
Hunting Expertise Hunting Expertise
Finish the first hunting mission
Skill Shot Skill Shot
Hunt a big game animal from at least 70 yards away
Overlooking Overlooking
Activate 20 Hilltop Spotting locations
Move on Hands and Knees Move on Hands and Knees
Activate 15 Shooting Rests
Hunter Vision Hunter Vision
Mark 10 Trophies in Strategic View
Shooting Proficiency Shooting Proficiency
Earn 180 GP in one hunt
Quick Hunt Rookie Quick Hunt Rookie
Claim an animal on 5 Quick Hunt levels
Quick Hunt Pro Quick Hunt Pro
Claim an animal on all Quick Hunt levels
Step on the Gas Step on the Gas
Hunt 4 animals in the vehicle hunts
Skillful Hunter Skillful Hunter
Hunt 10 small game animals
Quick Hunt Expert Quick Hunt Expert
Claim more than 20 animals in Quick Hunt
20 Rifle Hunts 20 Rifle Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with rifles
20 Semi-Auto Hunts 20 Semi-Auto Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with Semi-Auto firearms
20 Lever Action Hunts 20 Lever Action Hunts
Hunt 20 animals with Lever Action firearms
Big Five Big Five
Hunt one Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and White Rhino
Gun Master Gun Master
Unlock all the gun parts
Complete Semi-Auto Collection Complete Semi-Auto Collection
Unlock all the Semi-Auto firearms
Complete Lever Action Collection Complete Lever Action Collection
Unlock all the Lever Action firearms
Pursuing the Hunt Pursuing the Hunt
Find 50 animal tracks
High Score High Score
Earn 25,000 XP from a single Trophy
Complete Rifle Collection Complete Rifle Collection
Unlock all the Rifles
Master Hunter Master Hunter
Reach the highest level possible
Experience is Piling Up Experience is Piling Up
Reach 500,000 XP
All Flags All Flags
Gather all the Flags from the vehicle hunts