BugsBox Trophy List

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Achieve all the trophies.
Clear 10 stages.(Classic Mode)
Clear 50 stages.(Classic Mode)
Clear 100 stages.(Classic Mode)
Enter the grass stage.(Classic Mode)
Enter the desert stage.(Classic Mode)
Enter the ice hill stage.(Classic Mode)
Enter the Volcanic stage.(Classic Mode)
Achieve 10,000 points.
Achieve 50,000 points.
Achieve 100,000 points.
Kill 100 bugs.
Kill 1000 bugs.
Kill 100 ladybugs.
Kill 100 fireants.
Kill 100 stag beatles.
Kill 100 fireflies.
10 bombs exploded.
50 bombs exploded.
100 bombs exploded.
Get 100 stun items.
Attach all the candyboxes.
Attach all the candyboxes 10 times.
Attach all the candyboxes 50 times.
Step on 250 bugs which become smaller.
Pop 50 water balloons.
Pop 50 mud balloons.
Get 100 alphabet balloons.
Make EXTRA 50 times.
Clear 10th wave.(Infinite Mode)
Break 100 boxes.
Break 1000 boxes.
Break 100 jellies.
Break all blocks in the stage 10 times.
Break all blocks in the stage 50 times.
Walk on an ice tile 10 times.
Walk on an ice tile 50 times.
Walk on an ice tile 100 times.
Get 3 Combo.