Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans Trophy List

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Win the Dune buggy race using only the reverse in hard mode
Complete the chase without accidents with the other cars
Complete the dune buggy race under 3 minutes and 17 seconds
Dodge any fruit that is thrown into the supermarket
Complete the Lunapark level without collecting powerup in hard mode
Win all the duels without making a mistake in hard mode
Complete a waltz without being hit
Dress up Bud and Terence in black
Complete the game in HARD mode
Win the beer and sausage contest without making any mistakes
Reach the laboratory elevator without having triggered the alarm
Leave the child on the Lunapark carousel for more than a minute
Complete the Laboratory level without using shoulder or flying kicks
Pass the Lunapark pungiball on the first shot with Terence
Reach the plane by motorcycle dodging all the crates
Listen to the touching story of the dwarf on stilts without interrupting him
Save your partner three times in the same level
Defeat the sheriff on the train without missing a shot
Get at least 120 points in the beer and sausages contest
Steal a beer with life to the maximum to your partner who is about to die
Drink at least three mugs of beer in the beer and sausage contest
Defeat at least 10 enemies with carts, doors and fridges in Miami
Defeat at least one enemy using the crane
Talk to Albimax
Slide the same enemy three times on a banana
Ride up to the train dodging all the crates
Talk to Patrick
Reach the speed of 88 miles per hour during highway chase
Complete the game
Bud throw the same enemy against other enemies for at least 4 times
Complete a level using only Bud's shove attack or Terence's run kick attack
Make three 'Batman' attacks in a row
Do a 'ping pong' combo at least x4 times
Terence do 'horse' movement on the same enemy twice