Bow to Blood Trophy List

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Obtain all other trophies
Complete your training in the Staging Grounds
Visit the Captain's Quarters for the first time
Cast your first vote in the Culling
Reach the Season Finale
Become the Bow to Blood Champion
Destroy three ships with one single Beamfire Cannon blast
Survive all three rounds of Fight or Flight with your opponent
Destroy every piece of an entire Convoy
Defeat a Titan without destroying any of its support ships
Discover all Leviathan Eggs in The Hunt before time runs out
Mine all the major central shards in Splintershard before your opponent gets any (opponent must survive)
Complete a Diamond Drift in less than 1:20
Defeat the Fiend’s Oracle without taking damage from its lasers
Destroy all enemy ships as well as the opposing challenger in Seek and Destroy
In one season, have four or more challengers dislike you at the same time
In one season, have four or more challengers like you at the same time
Become Champion without accepting any Sponsorships or earning any Laurels
Survive a vote in the Culling
Survive a match with Hull at less than 15%
Earn the Laurels at the end of a match
Collect all postcards in the Captain's Quarters
Collect all challenger ship models in the Captain's Quarters
Unlock half of all Notes
Unlock all Notes
Make a deal with a challenger and keep your word
Make a deal with a challenger and break your promise
Repair crew stations 50 times
Shoot down 100 Mashi with your firearm
Disable 50 ships with your Smart Drones
Shoot down 50 ships while under the mist
Destroy 10 named ships
Destroy 25 Skiffs with the AP Tracking Cannon