Blue Reflection mobile Trophy List

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You collected all trophies.
Completed Chapter 1.
Completed Chapter 2.
Completed Chapter 3.
Completed Chapter 4.
Completed Chapter 5.
Completed Chapter 6.
Completed Chapter 7.
Completed Chapter 8.
Completed Chapter 9.
Completed Chapter 10.
Completed Chapter 11.
Completed Chapter 12.
Completed Kei's Inetermission.
Completed Shihori's Inetermission.
Completed Fumio's Inetermission.
Completed Kaori and Rika's Inetermission.
Completed Yuri's Inetermission.
Completed Sarasa's Bond Episode.
Completed Yuri's Bond Episode.
Completed Sanae's Bond Episode.
Completed Kei's Bond Episode.
Completed Rika's Bond Episode.
Completed Kaori's Bond Episode.
Completed Fumio's Bond Episode.
Completed Rin's Bond Episode.
Completed Ako's Bond Episode.
Completed Chihiro's Bond Episode.
Completed Shihori's Bond Episode.
Completed Mao's Bond Episode.
Got a Fragment for the first time.
Collected 25 Fragments.
Collected 50 Fragments.
Succeeded in a first Mission.
Succeeded in 25 Missions.
Succeeded in 50 Missions.
Created a first item.
Created all items.
Reached at a maximal Reflector level.
Enhanced a Fragment to the maximum.
Tamed a petite dark monster in "A Little Dark Cave".
Enjoyed chatting a great many times.
Defeated Yesod.
Defeated Cochma.
Defeated Tiphereth.
Defeated Netzach.
Defeated Daath.