BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Trophy List

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[Tactics] Cleared Basics section.
[Tactics] Cleared Applied section.
[Tactics] Completed all of one character.
[Tactics] Cleared one mission.
[Training] Used the command record, playback function.
[Traning] Opened the command list.
[Episode] Cleared Episode: BB.
[Episode] Saw the Cooperative Ending of Episode: BB.
[Episode] Cleared Episode: P4A.
[Episode] Cleared Episode: UNI.
[Episode] Cleared Episode: RWBY.
[VS] Won on normal difficulty.
[Survival] Won more than 5 times.
[Replay Theater] Played back someone's replay data.
[Gallery] Opened an Event CG from Episode Mode.
[Gallery] Played the credits.
[Entrance] Used 100,000P$ at the Item Shop.
[Customize] Changed Plate, Icon, and Title.
[Customize] Changed avatars.
[Network] Won in a ranked lobby.
[Network] Won in a Room Match.
[Network] Used a stamp in Online Lobby.
[Network] Used a motion in Online Lobby.
[Network] Won in an Online Lobby match.
[Network] Used auto-fill message in Online Lobby.
[Network] Saw a player's info in Online Lobby
Generated Reject Guard 10 times.
Performed an air dash 10 times.
Used Distortion Skill.
Dealt more than 10000 in combo damage.
Performed Distortion Finish 10 times.
Performed Cross Finish 10 times.
Performed Resonance Finish 10 times.
Used a Reversal Action 10 times.
Used Crush Assault 10 times.
Performed a Marvelous in Crush Assault 10 times.
Successfully throw break 10 times.
Performed Cross Combo 10 times.
Used Resonance Blaze 10 times.
Guarded a high attack 10 times.
Guarded a low attack 10 times.