Blacklight: Retribution Trophy List

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Earn all Other Trophies in Blacklight: Retribution
Kill 50 enemies with the Hardsuit's Minigun
Kill 10 Hardsuits with the Flamethrower
Earn 50,000 GP
Reach Level 10
Reach Level 34
Reach Level Cap
Played 20 Matches of Deathmatch
Played 20 Matches of Search and Destroy
Played 20 Matches of Team Deathmatch
Played 20 Matches of Capture the Flag
Played 20 Matches of Kill Confirmed
Played 20 Matches of Onslaught
Complete a Match of Onslaught
Fully Customize your Agent
Fully Customize a primary weapon
Fully Customize a secondary weapon
Purchase Ammo from the Depot 10 times
Taunt During a Match 100 times
Earn 3500 CP in a single match
Kill 50 enemies with the Gunman Hardsuit's Auto-Cannon
Complete the Training Level
10 Revives used