Birthdays the Beginning Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Captured your first organism.
Captured a 9-star rarity organism.
Captured an SS-sized organism.
Made the highest mountain on the largest Cube.
Made the deepest sea on the largest Cube.
Used an item for the first time.
Cleared Scenario 1.
Cleared Scenario 2.
Cleared Scenario 3.
Cleared Scenario 4.
Moved terrain over 1,000 times.
Moved terrain over 10,000 times.
Raised Avatar's level to max.
Captured every organisms.
Accumulated over 10 billion total Cube Years.
Accumulated over 100 billion total Cube Years.
Accumulated over 500 million total Cube Years in Free Play mode.
Exceeded 1 billion total organisms.
Exceeded 10 billion in total organisms.
Achieved Cube temperature of 60°C.
Achieved Cube temperature below 0°C.
Made the entire Cube into sea.
Obtained "Aquahexahedron" and made the entre Cube into land.
Captured the primordial plant, Prototaxites.
Captured the prehistoric fish, Coelacanthus.
Captured the primitive dragonfly, Meganeura.
Captured the olive tree, Olea.
Captured the ancient fish, Latimeria.
Captured an ammonite.
Captured the ancient bird-lizard, Archaeopteryx.
Captured the terrible lizard, Tyrannosaurus.
Captured the ancient pachyderm, Mammuthus.
Captured the giant squid, Architeuthis.
Captured the domesticated dog, Canis familiaris.
Captured the giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca.
Captured the Grand Watcher, Smilodon rex.
Captured the elusive Nessie.
Captured the stench blossom, Rafflesia.
Cleared 1 challenge.
Cleared all challenges.
Cleared with a result of 4 stars.
Cleared with a result of 5 stars.